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Michał Korniewicz - Cadillac Loops

My name is Michał Korniewicz. I compose music since 2005, and I deliver it for various media since 2011. My education and experience as an architect allow me to perceive emotions poured into graphics with ease and convert them into sound. Thanks to that fact my music and sound desing are always seamlessly fitting the visual side.


Every single project is different and there are many variables that have influence on the price. Such as :

  • lenght of soundtrack / amount of sfx
  • complexity of soundtrack / sfx
  • time pressure
  • need for recordingh specific live instruments or vocals
  • artistic value of a project

Various discounts may apply to:

  • indie projects
  • non-commercial projects

Do you want to know how much would sound for your project cost? Message me!


  • Q: I have a very limited budget. Is there a possibility to pay with a percentage of future incomes?
  • A: Yes, although agreeing to such scenario depends in no small part on a quality of your project, as well as on your experience and previous works.
  • Q: Where can I find a library of ready tracks to choose from?
  • A: I don't have one - every composition of mine is created to fit a certain project perfectly.
  • Q: Will I be able to participate in the process of creating a soundtrack?
  • A: Of course! If you already have assembled a reference materials, or you simply have an idea of what music you'd like to hear in it - send it over. I'll analyze it and approach composing accordingly. Also during my work you'll receive drafts of a soundtrack, so you'll be able to make suggestions. Obviously, you can also leave it all in my hands.